TrekView for Dry Ice

Dry ice shipments present a unique set of challenges especially when maintaining temperature control is a critical factor. The TrekView for Dry Ice delivers a solution that will allow you to know if temperatures have remained in an acceptable range.

The durable probe allows you to monitor the temperature inside a container while the TrekView remains outside of the packaging. A thin ribbon cable allows the container to remain tightly closed without risk of compromising package quality but temperature data can be collected at any point int he cold chain either through USB or wireless interface.


Cable Length

Approximately 24in Approximately 60.96cm

Monitor Recording Options

Single use Single use

Temperature Measurement Range

-112°F to 167°F -80°C to 75°C

Temperature Accuracy

-112°F to -22°F: ± 6°F -80°C to -30°C: ± 3°C

Temperature Accuracy

-22°F to 167°F: ± 2°F -30°C to 75°C: ± 1°C

Threshold Settings

Eight configurable excursion thresholds Eight configurable excursion thresholds
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Part Numbers


The TrekView user software allows users to view detailed information from the TrekView recorder tags and manages recorder programming, status and functions. With TrekView software, it is possible to:

 *TrekView software is only available with Microsoft® Windows 8 and below.