ShockWatch® g-View monitors and records impacts during the transportation, storage, and usage of products and equipment at an affordable price point. The device provides an accurate record of the dates and times at which the user-defined g-force limit is exceeded on the X, Y, and Z axes. With the capacity to record data for 100 events per axis, the device alerts you whenever damage may have occurred, so you can respond promptly.


X, Y and Z impact thresholds that can be independently programmed for precise monitoring

Records date, time, internal temperature, axis exceeded & axis amplitude

iButton® for setup, resetting, and data transfer

Self-contained unit design, free of cables and wires

LED lights for visual notification of threshold breaches

Simple programming interface


Operating Temperature Range

14°F to 122°F -10°C to 50°C


2.8in x 2.0in x 1.2in 70mm x 50mm x 30mm


2.56oz 81g


1 x AA Alkaline (replaceable) 1 x AA Alkaline (replaceable)

Battery Life

Up to 6 months Up to 6 months

Case Material

All Specifications

How It Works

  1. Connect to computer and program the g-View with your thresholds for each axis (X, Y, Z).
  2. Mount the g-View to your product to be monitored.
  3. Connect to computer with cable to view reports on when the impact(s) happened and what the temperature it was at the time.


Control your g-View through a simple Windows-based software program. Clear instructions allow users to create journey setup files, program iButtons, and view recorded data in a tabulated format.