MAG 2000

The ShockWatch MAG 2000 impact indicator is a cost-effective, resettable and reusable device designed to monitor the handling of fragile goods and freight containers greater than 500 lbs. The device is also widely used on rail cars and trucking fleets to monitor for excessive impacts during humping or latching.

The MAG 2000 utilizes two tuned and highly sensitive magnets. When an out-of-tolerance impact is experienced, the magnets are forced out of alignment clearly indicating the angle and severity of impact. A uniquely designed key is supplied to unlock the cover on the unit. This key allows the product to be reset after activation and resists tampering.


Resettable and reusable

Tamper resistant


Sensitivity Range

0.5 - 20G (in 0.5G increments) 0.5 - 20G (in 0.5G increments)


0.5 - 50ms 0.5 - 50ms


± 10% ± 10%

Operating Temperature

-4°F to 140°F -25°C to 60°C

Shelf life

2 years 2 years


2.5in x 2.4in x 0.79in 63.5mm x 60.96mm x 20mm
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Part Numbers

How It Works

Mainly used on large shipments and crates. The MAG 2000 will show a red circle in the window when impacted with enough force (0.5-20G).