Impact and Tilt

Impact Indicators

A Shockwatch impact indicator is a highly-visible device that will activate when an impact level exceeds a predetermined level.

Impact Recorders

ShockWatch impact & environmental recorders continually monitor and report in real time the shock, vibration and environmental conditions experienced by structures, facilities and equipment during transit, storage and operation.

Tilt Indicators

ShockWatch tilt indicators detect and record unacceptable tilting on goods that must remain upright.


Temperature Indicators

ShockWatch temperature indicators are simple , single use solutions for monitoring your cold chain.

Temperature Recorders

TrekView is a cost-effective cold chain monitoring product that ensures you know if your product has been exposed to unacceptable temperatures that could negatively affect product quality, safety or shelf life.

Condition Monitoring

Condition Monitoring

OpsWatch WiFi Recorder allows you to improve the performance and safety of your equipment, extend its life time and avoid any unplanned downtime and maintenance.